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Save 35% on wheel weight consumption! FACT
Reduce balancing time by 40%! FACT!
Hofmann Megaplan Wheel Balancers are faster, simpler and save you money. FACT!

A Beginner's Guide to OWB

Remember the old days when you could just do a ‘static’ balance, using one weight and saving time? Well, the driving sensitivity created by wider wheels and lower profile tyres ended that era because static balancing doesn’t get rid of the ‘dynamic’ (side to side) imbalance.

Hofmann Megaplans ‘O.W.B.’ (One Weight Balancing) software has revolutionised the balancing process by eliminating both static and dynamic with just one wheel weight! Ingenious technology enables accurate balancing with one weight on approx. 70% of wheels, saving you time and money. The balancer will automatically tell you if only one weight is required, and a laser pointer even directs you to the exact position to place it.

A tyre technician’s dream, O.W.B. is available on all premium megaspin wheel balancer models.

A Step Further

OWB minimises both the static and dynamic unbalance by indicating the exact point inside the rim where it is possible to balance the wheel with just one weight. Traditional static unbalancing only reduces the static unbalance but not the dynamic. Dynamic balancing, like on other modern balancers, requires two weights to minimise the static and dynamic unbalance. By requiring just one weight to balance a wheel, OWB saves both time and weights.

OWB will automatically indicate the position for one weight after the spin cycle if it is possible to balance the wheel with just one weight. In the rare cases that it is not possible to use just one weight, the balancer will detect this and automatically indicate the position for the two weights required to balance the wheel.

Hofmann Megaplan is proud to the original implementors of this technology, enforcing why our balancers are known for precision and innovation.

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One Weight Balance

megaspin 1200P

High speed, touchless operation. Laser Point Accuracy and no checkspin

megaspin 420

The most advanced wheel balancer ever

megaspin 820

Additional benefit of a colour TFT display

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