Class 1 & 2 MOT/ATL Bay

Whilst standard car and light commercial MOT Bays can be adapted to handle Class 1 & 2, it isn't the most practical solution. Additionally, dedicated two-wheel specialists require a stand-alone installation, often including other dedicated motorcycle equipment such as a lift for inspection purposes and work resulting from failures.

At Hofmann Megaplan we can assist you through the whole process, dealing with all the bureaucracy and officialdom that accompanies an application, and our dedicated motorcycle equipment program, which includes lifting and tyre equipment, means we can take care of an entire workshop installation.

Class 1 & 2 MOT Bay Roller brake testerClass 1 & 2 MOT Bay MWB600 LiftClass 1 & 2 MOT Bay Equipment

After Sales Service of MOT Stations

We’re in it for the long term too! All the products we use are European manufactured and hand selected for their assembly quality, ease of use and reliability. This includes Brake Testers, Lifts, and Headlamp Testers. By supplying the equipment and installation service we are able to ensure that your MOT Bay our is still functioning long into the future.

Interested in Class 1 & 2 (Motorcycle) MOT Stations for Sale?

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