Equipment Calibrations from Hofmann Megaplan

As well as calibrating our own automotive equipment, we’ll happily carry out the calibrations on devices and rigs for the leading manufacturers of garage equipment.

We cover a full range of products from emissions to gas analysers and almost everything in between. The clue is probably in the title of our division ofHofmann Megaplan ATL/MoT, butMoT bays are also of particular interest to us, especially given the amount of expertise we have at our disposal. We recognise just how important it is to keep a bay running, turning over the customers and ultimately bringing in consistent revenue.

What is Equioment Calibration and why do you need it?

Equipment calibration ensures that the automotive equipment is working to the best of its ability, maintaining the accuracy of the piece of equipment. The device is benchmarked against a calibrator which is working to the required standard, so that the garage equipment reflects the range of the calibrator.

Why you need our calibration services:
• Accuracy of device
• Good customer service
• Potential exposure to danger

On-site Calibration Services

Our calibration engineers work at your facility to carry out calibration services, swiftly and with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Benefits to our on site calibration services:

Satisfaction - your team are able to watch our industry experts from start to finish, meaning peace of mind and satisfaction with our service.
Cost Effective - saving you money from shipping equipment to us and being able to run as normal until the calibration takes place.
Productivity - saving you time that it would take for shipping and for the process to take place.
Security - no damage to your equipment from shipping, as it stays in your workshop for the duration of the process.

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