i-Gas Emissions Tester from Hofmann Megaplan

i-Gas Emissions Tester

Modern integrated emissions analyser concept

At Hofmann Megaplan our range of Emission Test Equipment will cater for any garage need; the i-Gas Emissions Tester is a modern integrated emissions analyser concept for your MOT/ATL bay.

This cost-effective and space-saving unit either operates in stand-alone mode with a tablet PC using Bluetooth technology, or alternatively it can integrate with the software of your Hofmann Megaplan roller brake tester, combining the display of information on a single device.

Integrated i-Gas Setup

Integrating the set-up of the i-Gas in this way avoids the need for multiple computer packages. All you require is the mobile trolley and tablet PC with the Gas and Smoke monitoring heads OPA-100 and AGS-200, and these can communicate with the software incorporated in the roller brake tester, thereby alleviating the need for a large trolley and separate PCs.

• Combined Gas and Smoke analyser, on mobile trolley
• DVSA approved
• High quality, easy to follow graphics
• Tablet PC
• Fast warm up and measuring time
• Fast pass and Bets test configured
• Cable free RPM & Temp readings via MGT-300 EVO
• Proven track record in the UK
•  Conforms to new Euro 6 diesel smoke test requirements

Also available with docking station (as pictured) or integrate

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i-Gas Emissions Tester

Modern integrated emissions analyser concept

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