US Style Lifts

We call these models 'US' style because they adopt the electro-hydraulic design which has become increasingly popular in Europe in recent years. Hydraulic lifts have long been the most common method in the US, undoubtedly the largest market for lifts.

Cheaper to produce, they are a little more complex and timely to install, and perhaps representative of the 'throwaway' culture we have all come to live with in recent decades. That said, all of our US style lifts are built to an extremely high standard, particularly the LUXUS models, and therefore whilst it may not be fair to expect the same life expectancy of a 'screw' lift, they are undoubtedly considered to be amongst the most durable and reliable electro-hydraulic lifts on the market.

US Style Lifts

Atlas ATP9 Two Post Lift

A proven 2 post lift derived from a US best-seller

Atlas ATP10 Two Post Lift

The ATP10 has been designed in Europe with European vehicles in mind

Hofmann Megaplan megalift 4000-3

A great all-round 2 poster that combines great value for money from a name you can trust

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