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Hofmann megaplan

TreadSmart 2

Automatic Drive-Over Tread Depth Measurement and Tyre Health Check
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Hofmann Megaplan Drive-Over Tyre Health Check unit is the perfect partner to any garage or tyre shop selling tyres or alignment.

Simply drive the vehicle over to get instant readings and advisory information such as tread depth, adverse tyre wear, mis-alignment and under/over inflation issues – all of which results in additional tyre and alignment sales, as well as providing undisputed data and credibility with your customers. The software can be integrated into any compatible alignment machine to avoid duplication of PC systems and printer set ups.

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Installing the TreadSmart 2 provides your business with a fantastic opportunity to generate additional alignment and tyre sales

Here are 3 great examples of how you could employ the TreadSmart 2...

TreadSmart2config1a1. Stand Alone Version

Simply install the TreadSmart 2 with a stand alone trolley, which will house the PC and Printer, and provide all data supported by am easy to understand printout in seconds.

TreadSmart2config2a2. Workshop Reception Version

Have the operating system integrated into the existing workshop PC, and all data can go straight to the reception.

TreadSmart2config3a3. Integrated With Aligner

Create the ultimate Alignment Facility by having the TreadSmart as your ‘silent salesman’ to generate alignment and tyre sales, with all data and printing carried out on your existing alignment machine.

tyretread2readout3Screen reports offer two different styles of presentation, depending on your preference, and the resulting printouts can be fully customised and are easy for your customers to understand. The ‘Zoom’ function allows you to home in on a specific tyre for more detailed explanation. 

trafficlightsThe optional ‘Traffic Light System’ will indicate when the next vehicle can be loaded and automatically grabs the number plate and inserts the vehicle details straight into the database.


TyreTread 2 dimensions


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