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Wheel Lifters

Are your fitters complaining of a bad back? Check out our range of sturdy wheel lifts, able to take the strain out of lifting those heavy wheels onto tyre changers and wheel balancers.

As you would come to expect of Hofmann Megaplan products, our car wheel lifts are of high quality and make light work of lifting wheels due to there impressive durability. Our WC200 can be moved easily in your workshop to suit your needs, whether that be moving from a tyre changer to moving between balancers!

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Wheel Lifters

WC200 Portable Wheel Lifter (Pneumatic)

Easy handling of heavy rim and tyre combinations

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PFL65 Wheel Lifter

Designed to be used in conjunction with a wheel balancer

WC300 Portable Wheel Lifter (Electric)

Three speed, portable electric wheel lifter

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