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megalign System 4

The megaline range is proven in hundreds of tyre shops and garages throughout the UK as a highly profitable and technically valuable tool. Individual front and rear toe, rear thrust line, set back and steering wheel position can all be achieved in just a matter of minutes. The megaline system 4 represents a great profit opportunity, as it can be installed for as little as £15 + VAT per week - that’s just one alignment per week to pay for the system! The very latest design ensures maximum vehicle coverage including rims from 12” to 23”, and the clever ‘prism’ design of the lasers minimises costly and vulnerable components within the measurement heads.Supplied with all necessary accessories including pedal depressor, steering wheel holder and extensions for lowered vehicles, light commercials and 4x4s, the megaline system 4 is a must for anybody involved in vehicle servicing or tyres.


megaline System 4 (T version) – Portable Trolley Type
megaline system 4 (W Version) – Wall Mounted Type
12v version for mobile use and budget 2 wheel version also available.

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ecoline 58 wheel aligner

ecolign 58 / 88

megaline System 4 wheel aligner

megaline System 4

Ssence wheel aligner

megaline Ssence 600 3D


TruckaLine 58