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Tyre Tread Health Check Range

Did you know?

• 10% of all tyres scanned using TreadReader™ tyre measurement equipment have a tread depth of less than 1.6mm and are therefore illegal!
• 22% of tyres scanned are shown to fall into the ‘advisory’ category, with a tread depth of between 1.6mm and 3mm!
• 29% of tyres present with uneven wear due to incorrect wheel alignment!

TreadReader Handheld Scanner

TreadReader handheld scanner

Throw away your old tread depth gauge, because a new product has come along which is set to change the way the industry presents itself when it comes to advising customers on the health of their tyres.

‘TreadReader™’ from Hofmann Megaplan, is an ingenious handheld scan tool which provides an instant 3D image of the tyre, providing vital data such as tread depth and adverse wear. Advisory information like mis-alignment or uneven wear due to under or over-inflation is alsodisplayed, presenting a ‘no-question’ presentation to the vehicle owner on the condition of their tyres, and the recommended resolution whether it is immediate or in the future.

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Tread Reader screen

Drive over ramp scanTreadReader Drive Over Ramp

Treadreader drive over ramp

The TreadReader Drive Over ramp is a fully automated tread depth measurement system for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

The ramp is available in 3 specifications: surface-mounted or flush-mounted for workshop applications and a ‘beyond the workshop’ specification for the highest traffic-volume retailocations, such as public car parks. 

Surface-mounted ramps require no groundworks, whilst a shallow pit is required for the flush-mounted ramp. TreadReader™ ramp sensors can also be integrated into other workshop equipment, e.g. lifts, wheel alignment machines, brake testing machines and vehicle inspection lanes.

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TreadSmartTreadSmart Drive Over Ramp

The TreadSmart offers a simple, yet smart alternative to driver over scanning. The depth of tyre tread and efficieny of the tyre are shown in a clear report moments after the vehicle passes over the device.

License plate detection as standard through the in-built camera and WiFi connectivity mean the TreadSmart is able to seamlessly integrate into your garage and produce reports specificto the customer, aiding in the sale of alignment and tyre services instantly.

• Smartphone or tablet compatibility (tablet included)
• HDMI port for large screen sharing
• No connection required to third party equipment
• Install outdoors

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Product Comparison Chart

Tread check product comparison chart

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