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Analogue ADAS System

The original ADAS Calibration suitable for all garages

The analogue ADAS Calibration Systems is an alternative option to the popular Digital ADAS Calibration solution. Designed to get the job of ADAS calibrations done all the same, it requires less initial investment.

From popular manufacturers AUTEL, the analogue ADAS system integrates seamlessly into your workshop alongside alignment equipment. By not being overly reliant on new technologies it is also a highly reliable manual system.

Hofmann Megaplan has already helped many customers across the industry equip their garage's with ADAS calibration machines, holding our own educational days and speaking to garage owners with ADAS frustration. The result? Increased investment in ADAS solutions meaning garages are ready for the new requirements they face when servicing the latest vehicles.

Get started with Analogue ADAS Calibrations...

This analogue ADAS solution set the standard and was one of the first system to market. It has continued to be one of the most popular, seen in workshops across the UK today.

A series of panels are used for each manufacturer or model, and the chosen board is fitted to a frame which must be positioned manually in relation to the vehicle in order to carry out the calibration. While the set up time is longer and requires 2 people vs. the Digital ADAS calibration system, as new vehicles are added, new boards can be purchased to keep the equipment up to date.


• Physical individual boards for each vehicle manufacturer/model

• Set-up using tape measures for manual accuracy

• 2 man operation

• New boards purchased as released

• Can be integrated into any Hofmann Megaplan CCD alignment system

Get to know your Analogue ADAS system...

The Hofmann Megaplan centre of excellence offers complimentary training to all those serious about investing in ADAS. Centrally located close to the A1, M1 and M6 motorways, we offer a showroom experience like no other, fully equipped with our Digital ADAS System. All equipment is working and ready to use. Our team of factory-trained experts are able to advise and demonstrate exactly what you need to succeed in ADAS diagnostics.

We've found these demonstrations to be mind-opening with customers instantly seeing the value in this solution and making an investment on the day. Additionally, on-site demonstrations can also be arranged. Please contact us to learn more and speak to one of our ADAS experts.