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MGT-300 Evo Emissions Tester

Tester with Bluetooth connection

MGT-300 Emissions Tester from Hofmann Megaplan

At Hofmann Megaplan our range of Emission Test Equipment will cater for any garage need; the MGT-300 Emissions Tester ensures accurate readings of detected RPM and temperature values on all petrol and diesel vehicles.

The MGT-300 EVO allows users to easily and accurately detect RPM, temperature and other related information on all petrol and diesel vehicles, also via Bluetooth connection.

With its advanced software and the combined use of multiple acquisition systems, MGT-300 EVO can cover nearly the entire vehicles circulating fleet (CARS and MOTORBIKES), and the graphic interface ensures a user-friendly experience.

Neural Network Technology

The MGT-300 EVO is equipped with the special NEURAL NETWORK TECHNOLOGY, the application of which allows the instrument to identify and isolate the main noise signals that could (physiologically) affect the accuracy of measurement. Thanks to the application of this advanced technology, the MGT-300 EVO can adapt its software parameters directly to the environmental conditions in which it operates, refining and optimizing the accuracy of the values returned.

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