megamount 713XL Racing Tyre Changer from Hofmann Megaplan

megamount 713XL Racing Tyre Changer

Designed to handle the toughest low profile/alloy rims

Undoubtedly the most heavy duty and functional tyre changer in its class, the 713XL Racing is simply unique – we challenge you to find another tyre changer on the market to match it for strength, durability, performance, or ease of use!

Designed to handle the toughest low profile/alloy rim combinations and the highest volumes without any stress to the operator or the machine, it incorporates a patented quick release system enabling the demount heads to be changed over from standard steel head to plastic or ‘raised spoke’ heads, utilises the ORIGINAL and still the BEST twin assist arm system ‘megafit Pro Duo’ and of course the famous QuadraClamp 4 cylinder turntable.

Another notable and exclusive feature that sets this apart from the rest is the QuadraLock clamping mechanism, which employs the movement of 4 cylinders to lock the demount head into place as opposed to the traditional 2, providing unrivalled rigidity and strength.

Can also be supplied in leverless ‘Evolution’ version.

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megamount 713XL Racing

A tyre changer designed to handle the toughest low profile/alloy rims

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A tyre changer is a tyre changer, right? WRONG!

That is one of the biggest misconceptions in the business! Tyre fitting machines vary immensely, even if on face value they all look the same. The source of manufacture (generally Italy or China), the gauge of steel, the inclusion of an assist arm (of which there are numerous types with varying levels of performance), machines specifically for alloy and titanium rims, models that will handle both car and motorcycle, the options are endless.
Whether it is a brand new fully automatic tyre changer machine like the X-Boss or something from our second hand tyre machine sale, you can trust the Hofmann Megaplan brand for your tyre fitting machine needs. Continuing to be one of the spearheads of industry-leading tyre changers is a difficult feat, however at Hofmann Megaplan we have supplied the first 4 cylinder turntable (the QuadraClamp), the first leverless device for a conventional tyre changer, the first bead breaker with automatic return to home position, the patented Par-Move parallelogram concept, the list is endless. Our innovative mentality has driven these advancements in our products and the services we provide along side them, and that's not likely to change any time soon...

Just ask one of our experts for advice on the right tyre changer for you.

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