Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan


Twister Evo

The all-new 'Twister' is exactly what the tyre trade asked for!

We asked the market what they wanted from a tyre changer, and the response we got was really nothing like the products that so many manufacturers are presenting. Strength, reliability and ease of use were rated way above the need for TV screens or joystick controls, and the issue of bead breaking seemed to be the biggest factor for anybody fitting and removing tyres.

Intelligent Width Assessment

Intelligent Width Assessment (IWA) calculates the width of the rim by taking into account the 2D settings, wheel mass and typical rim data collated from thousands of assemblies. The result is a balancer with high performance capability, packaged into a small footprint and low investment. For the first time ever, mobile operators, or those garages where space is at a premium, can have a machine that is every bit as good as ‘flagship’ models 5 times the price!