Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

megaspin 220

Compact but BIG on features! | Virtual Sonar as standard


The megaspin 220 is compact in design without any compromise on the technology it brings to your garage! 

An automatic gauge measures the distance and rim diameter making for quick & accurate data entry while a clip holds the adhesive weight ready for precise placement.

The advanced feature of Virtual Sonar calculates the rim width for steel rims. High Speed means faster spin cycles of less than 5 seconds for a medium-sized tyre!fast spin cycle

An ergonomically placed panel with touch system makes for an innovative, simple and durable user experience. This allows for intuitive use of all of the functions of this machine.

Easy to Use Wheel Balancing from Hofmann Megaplan

Easy AUTO SELECT automatically chooses the correct balancing program. The operator only has to move the gauge to the position, where he wants to attach the weights. It really is that simple! 

ALU M programs offer unlimited choices for optimum weight positions for all modern alloy rims. The software programs are designed for the tyre professional including:

  • OPT
  • ALU

The latest generation VDD Virtual Direct Drive makes for a Super-fast and extremely accurate measuring system while the ECO DRIVE setting means a medium-sized wheel is accelerated to 100 rpm in less than 1 second. After that the assembly ‘free-wheels’, resulting in less energy consumption, less wear and tear, and less noise. This is a Balancer built to last through smart operation.

The low balancing speed allows for use without wheel guard, meaning this balancer is able to fit into even the tightest of garages.