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Hofmann megaplan

megaspin 1200P

High Speed | Touchless Operation | Laser Point Accuracy | No Checkspin

The megaspin 1200P represents the latest and greatest in wheel balancing technology available in the market place today.

Unbeatably Accurate

It is this technology that means unbeatably accurate precision is delivered every time. The same sensor system is employed as in our industry balancers with rim data taken automatically via laser and sonar. This means no gauges and more importantly, no potential errors.

With pneumatic clamping as standard a consistent central fix between the rim and the device with equal force at all points.

Unbeatably Fast 

The ability to balance without having to do a subsequent checkspin makes this one of the fastest balancers start to end there is. Two laser spots each show the correct positioning for adhesive wheel weights and clip-on wheel weights ensuring accuracy is not compromised where speed is gained.

For a regular sized tyre, the measuring cycle is less than 5 seconds. This speed is aided by the pneumatic clamping which allows a fast fixing of the tyre on the balancer. What's more, an LED light enlightens the position inside the rim where the adhesive weights need to go.

All this has been designed through practice to avoid the need for repeat positioning of wheel weights and offer fitters greater efficiencies in a routine process.

Unbeatably Good Handling

Hofmann Megaplan has worked on a completely new chassis for the 1200P, meaning the workspace is significantly more accessible than on conventional wheel balancing machines.

A secondary function to the LED light is the ability to help the operator ensure the rim is clean and a Touch Screen means easy access to the balancers settings. The system is designed to be intuitive in use with input where you'd expect them to be if required.

One Weight Balancing (OWB)

OWB is a software feature fast becoming a favourite amongst Hofmann Megaplan customers. Where possible the balancer will show only one single correction plane instead of two, cutting the need for wheel weights in half. This leads to time savings of up to 30% on a standard balance for 70% of wheels.

OWB is a revolutionary step forward for wheel balancing. It is simple, fast, easy-to-do and highly precise.

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