megaspin 1200P Wheel Balancer from Hofmann Megaplan

megaspin 1200P Wheel Balancer

The Ultimate in Wheel Balancing Technology

There are some tyre shops and garages who simply want the best, and see the value in investing in high-end equipment. For those customers, the megaspin 1200P is the machine of choice, representing the flagship in the Hofmann Megaplan range. Literally loaded with every feature we have at our disposal, such as No Checkspin, OWB (One Weight Balance), megaclamp pneumatic clamping and Ultra HD Graphics, the megaspin 1200P also boasts our AVS (Anti-Vibration Software) for rim/tyre diagnostics such as uniformity, and Touchless capturing of the rim data via a laser scan which takes the full profile of the rim.

The megaspin 1200P can either be used in the traditional sense, whereby it becomes probably the simplest, fastest floor-to-floor wheel balancer on the market, or in a more diagnostic sense, where the advanced characteristics of the rim can be used to determine where on the vehicle each wheel is best suited for the best ride.  ‘Top of the range’ really doesn’t do the megaspin 1200P justice, it sets a new standard in wheel balancers, appealing to those where, quite simply, only the best will do.

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megaspin 1200P

High speed, touchless operation. Laser Point Accuracy and no checkspin

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