megaspin 820 Wheel Balancer from Hofmann Megaplan

megaspin 820 Wheel Balancer

Providing an even better user experience and diagnostic capability

The megaspin 820 builds on the features of the 420, but provides the additional benefits a colour TFT display. Not only are all the actions of the balancer shown ‘live’ on screen, but user prompts and optional printer facility enhance the operation yet further.

The impressive display allows for much further analysis, such as weight-saving data and (when the optional kit is fitted) rim and tyre run-out diagnostics.

This model is great for those operators who appreciate the value in ‘marketing appeal’. The impressive display and possibilities this brings with it makes it ideal for tyre shops and garages where customer image is of paramount importance.

Also available as megaspin 820P with megaclamp automatic pneumatic clamping system.

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megaspin 820

Additional benefit of a colour TFT display

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The product that made us famous!

Our heritage in wheel balancing machines goes way back. Decades of market leading technology have ensured that Hofmann Megaplan wheel balancers have always been considered to be amongst the most advanced and most reliable machines on the market.

Cheap wheel balancers are, without doubt, a false economy, and we could give you dozens of facts that prove that statement. Italian manufactured and assembled right here in the UK, a Hofmann Megaplan wheel balancer is undoubtedly one of the most common sites throughout the UK and, indeed, the world, with models suitable for motorcycle, car, truck and aircraft, as well as machines for mobile tyre fitting, we will have the right product for you.

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