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Used and Ex-Demo Equipment For Sale

We always have access to a wide variety of 'bargain' equipment items which we will list here on a first-come, first-served basis. 

These could be ex-showroom, ex-show, ex-rental, outgoing model, refurbishments, literally all kinds of reasons. Due to the sheer volume of models we offer and products we sell, this list is also by no means extensive, so please ask if there is something specific you are looking for - we may just have the bargain opportunity waiting for you!

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For Sale

C4XL Syncro Two Post Lift

Only £4,250!*
Used C4XL Syncro 2 Two Post Lift

This lift is, in our opinion, the best 2 post lift money can buy – and anyone who owns one will undoubtedly agree.

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Ssence 600UHD 3D Alignment

Now only £7,995*
Saving of £2,000!

Sold within 2 hours! don't miss out next time!

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Pick up the Ssence 300UHD 3D Wheel aligner for an incredible:

£7,995 + VAT!*

  • Installation + calibration included
  • 2 years parts & labour warranty as standard
  • Installation from a dedicated alignment engineer
  • The machine is in full working order & ready to make you money!

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ecocool A/C System [Exclusive Dealer Grey model]

R134a Incredible Offer
Reduced O-Pro or Free Printer!

Exclusive Offer | Limited Stock | Dealer Grey Special

Take advantage of the excess stock destined for a nationwide dealer group, now available for you to grab.

We have n amazing offer to help all those looking to invest in R134a AC recovery. As the weather continues to heat up & with more people getting back on the road, now is the time to purchase. 

Check out this exclusive offer below!

Demand is quickly picking up for these machines. We are offering you the chance to purchase one for the heat of Summer 2020 at an unbeatable price.

You wouldn't want to miss out!

Note: Due to increased demand, our team are taking orders directly for this system. Please contact Mark Berryman on 07921 974 228 to reserve your system now.

Megaline 88 [Factory Refurb]

Just £4,695*
Fully calibrated | Latest database + software | Delivered + Installed

 FACTORY REFURB! Pick up the megaline 88 with 2 years warranty, latest database + software & full calibration + certificate included:

Just £4,695 + VAT! That's a comparable saving of over £2,000!

Deals like this do not come around every day, so reserve now to take full advantage!

During the course of our usual business, we’re sometimes required to take a customers existing aligner back in part exchange when they decide to take the step up to a high-end model like the Ssence 600. Because of the current business levels, we’ve managed to devote some time to preparing 5 Megaline 88’s that we now have ready for moving on.

megamount 503 Evo

Just £3,995*
Mint condition with full warranty!

 SHOWROOM CLEARANCE! Pick up the megamount 503 Evo in mint condition with 2 years warranty included 

Just £3,995 + VAT!

This machine is as good as new, in full working condition. Super-Automatic Operation and built-in ‘Leverless’ make this machine incredible value for money.

Super-Automatic Operation and built-in ‘Leverless’ as standard for a fraction of the usual price! 

Electric Portable Wheel Lifter

Just £800*
Essential for safe lifting

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megamount 613 Racing

Just £3,695*
Extra heavy-duty, super-automatic tyre changer

 SHOWROOM CLEARANCE! Pick up the megamount 613 Racing in mint condition with 2 years warranty included 

Just £3,695 + VAT!

Extra Heavy Duty | Super Automatic | Ready for High Volumes

The megamount 613 Racing is an extra-heavy-duty tyre fitting machine up to the challenge keeping pass in the busiest of shops.

This super-automatic tyre changer is designed for high volume fitters, alloy wheel specialists, prestigious-marque main dealers and the like. This is a no bars hold premium tyre fitting machine.

Optional Extra: Leverless Arm!

megaspin 420 Wheel Balancer

Only £2,950*
Revolutionary technology, simplicity, and reliability

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Ex-Demo TreadReader

Limited stock at just £1,695!*
That's Over 50% off RRP!
Increase sales by 46%!

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Megamount 302 Racing [2017]

Final few at £1,995*
2017 Fitter's Favourite
Premium Tyre Changer! 

megamount 603E [Europe]

Just £3295!*
Take advantage of this cancelled order set for Europe!

CANCELLED ORDER FOR EUROPE! Pick up the megamount 603E:

Just £3,295 + VAT!

Isn't it the worst when somebody lets you down?

In this case, our misfortune works to your advantage though, as we know have megamount 603E Standard lever edition that was bound for Europe ready to be picked up at a bargain price! 

megamount 403 [Ex-Showroom]

Now only £2,495!*
One-off Ex-Showroom model means this machine is

Ex-SHOWROOM MODEL! Pick up the megamount 403 Racing with 2 years warranty:

Just £2,495 + VAT!

The megamount 403 Racing is the newer, bigger brother of the 303 & it packs a punch! 

Boasting 28” clamping and a 15” rim width capability, this model is undoubtedly the most capable and practical machine you will find on the market for mobile operators & we have one to offer at the special discounted price of £2,495+VAT!

Having only been used in our state of the art showroom by our expert demo team, this machine is as good as new & ready to serve a full-time tyre fitter.

The neat, compact swing-arm design is maintained in order to minimise footprint, but the ability to handle any size rim or tyre isn’t compromised in this extremely heavy-duty model. This makes it one of our most versatile machines.

The 403 can be supplied in either 240v or 12v (additional £695 + VAT).

£2,495+VAT but this is a first-come, first-serve basis so call to reserve now on 01480 8-9-10-11!

Mobile Mid-rise Scissor Lift

Just £2,450!*
Ex-Display | Single Phase TSX3000M Mobile Scissor Lift

EX-DISPLAY! Pick up the TSX3000M:

Just £2,450 + VAT!

Ex-Display means good as new! 

A flexible approach to lifting equipment now at a flexible price! This TSX3000M is an ex-demo model used only in a controlled environment and with a price tag to lift your spirits! Just £2450 + VAT. You'd best hurry and call now though as we only have the one available!

The TSX3000M is a single phase, mobile, 3-tonne mid-rise scissor lift that can be wheeled in and out of position as required by the user.

Sharing a number of the key characteristics from the top sellers across the Hofmann Megaplan lift range, this model is equipped with clever features and built to the highest spec. With an extremely portable height of only 110mm when fully closed, this lift is clearly suited to busy fast fits and tyre shops.

The platforms are compact but don't compromise, meaning they can be extended if necessary. The feet are also fully protected, allowing the lift to be moved around, without risk of causing accidental damage.

At just £2,450 + VAT we don't expect this lift to be around for long so call now to reserve!

Call now on 01480 8-9-10-11.

Ecoline 88 (Ex-Demo)

£4,995* gets you:
Luxury alignment features with a saving | Showroom condition

SHOWROOM CLEARANCE! Pick up the ecoline 88 with 2 years warranty:

Just £4,995 + VAT!

Fully Computerised Alignment Machine For Sale

This unit is surplus following its use at a series of exhibition evenings on behalf of one of our distributors. It's our best selling aligner, so move fast if you want to grab this deal!

A Step Up for your Alignment Equipment

The ecoline 88 represents a step up from laser alignment for your garage while offering luxury additional features. This ex-demo model offers you an opportunity to upgrade your alignment offering whilst saving big! 

A step up from the ecoline 58, this model offers 3-point ‘GrabClamps’, heavy duty mechanical turnplates and advanced measuring heads making full 4 wheel alignment even easier and faster. These premium features make this a luxury system for the user and an unmissable deal as an ex-demo offering. 

This ecoline 88 is available now at just £4,995 + VAT.

Call now on 01480 8-9-10-11.

Twister CP (Ex-Loan)

Get centre post clamping on a revolutionary fitting machine

ONE OFF SPECIAL! Pick up the Twister CP:

Just £7,495 + VAT!

This is an incredible opportunity to remove the turntable from your garage and get Centre Post Clamping on a state of the art machine at a fraction of the usual cost!  

The Twister is renowned in the Tyre Fitting trade as the machine fitters asked for and Hofmann Megaplan delivered.

This no-nonsense tyre changer focus's on strength, reliability and ease of use. Why? Because these are the real-world factors tyre fitters rated as most important when using their garage equipment daily. We've cut out the idea TV screens and joysticks in favour of features that make a real difference to the user. This machine is designed for heavy daily use without issue or compromise on speed.

TSX3200 Mid-rise Scissor

Only £2,250!*
Ex- Demo 3 PH TSX3200 Mid-rise Scissor Lift

EX-DEMO! Pick up the TSX32000 3PH Vehicle Scissor Lift:

Just £2,250 + VAT!

This ex-demo vehicle scissor lift can speed up your tyre removal & now has a price tag you don't want to miss out on!

This lift has only been used in our state-of-the-art Hofmann Megaplan showroom, so it has been carefully controlled by experts. This means it's in perfect condition & optimal operational efficiency!

The TSX3200 Mid-rise Scissor Lift is an easy to use vehicle lift that requires minimal input from the user.

Manufactured with galvanised platforms, it can handle vehicles up to a capacity 3200kg with ease!

With very little use from demonstrations, this really is the perfect chance to pick up a great bargain.  

Don't miss out on this incredible chance to upgrade you tyre fitting equipment!

Just £2,250 + VAT!

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