ATL MOT Equipment

At Hofmann Megaplan we have what we believe to be one of the most personal and bespoke MOT Bay Management teams the industry has to offer.

Note that we focus firstly and foremost on the people, not the product. We know the product is good; our brake testers and emissions testers are 100% made In Italy, our lifts and headlamp test equipment are 100% made in Spain, but the fact that our equipment is of the highest possible calibre should be a given – we would rather focus on assets like our MOT specialist Andy Davidson, who is 100% made In Yorkshire!

Andy and his team provide a 'hand-holding' service for our MOT customers, ensuring that the bureaucracy and time-consumption associated with a VTS application is removed from burden and handed to people who do this day in, day out. We have a full-time 'support mechanism' in the form of Sharon Parnwell, who started with Hofmann Megaplan back in 2006 as a receptionist and now works full-time on MOT management, handling every single application, liaising between customer and the DVSA.

Whether you are looking for Class 1 & 2 (Motorcycle), Class 4 (Car and Light Commercial) or Class 7 (Car and Light to Medium Duty Commercial), we have the solution for you.

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