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At Hofmann Megaplan we believe that specialists should be employed to handle specialist products and services; you can’t generally be an expert in all areas of garage equipment, which is why ATL/MOT is our specialist division for handling automotive testing equipment within the workshop.

When you want to discuss wheel balancers, we have the industry’s leading authorities on wheel balancing within the company. When it comes to a subject like MOT bays, likewise we ensure that we have individuals with the correct knowledge and skills to ensure that projects such as new applications or upgrades to existing bays are handled efficiently.

MOT Equipment and Products

We offer a full range of MOT Bay packages and ATL Packages, including Class 1 & 2, Class 4 and Class 7 MOT test equipment. We work with you during the planning, execution and the post-installation phases of the project, to deliver reliable test lanes, that generates consistent results, and dependable income.

Headlamp testers from Hofmann Megaplan
Brake testers from Hofmann Megaplan
Emissions Testers from Hofmann Megaplan
MOT Lifts from Hofmann Megaplan

But it’s not just the products that make our installations so satisfying, it’s our people and the skills they possess make them amongst the most approachable and knowledgeable in the industry. With years’ worth of successful installations we know what makes a successful installation but we also know what makes for a successful business so we run various onsite training courses, either on its own or with the installation of a new machine.

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