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Wheel Lift Review: Manually lifting tyres could cost you more than you think!

Has anyone ever mentioned investing in a vehicle wheel lift? Maybe you've noticed as the day goes on your fitter's speed to carry out jobs decreases?

Vehicle wheels are heavy and you're probably lifting them more than you realise. Are the signs not clear enough yet?

You may be about to lose a valuable member of your team to serious back problems if you don't heed these signs of physical strain. Worse still, you could be out of action!

By investing in a safe and affordable wheel lift, you can look after the well-being of yourself, your team and boost the productivity of your garage at the same time.

Back, shoulder and neck injuries are very common within the industry and these problems are no joke! Manual handling injuries account for nearly half of all tyre-bay related incidents. (HSA)

Taking the strain out of wheel lifting!

​You could benefit immensely from investing in a reliable and sturdy wheel lift.

Check out our 5 reasons why you need a wheel lifter in our previous blog!

Raise your fitters capabilities with the right wheel lift..

As you would come to expect from Hofmann Megaplan, we deliver high quality wheel lifting machines to reduce the health implications and improve the efficiency of your tyre bay or garage.

Ensuring you have the right wheel lift is crucial in guaranteeing the device is used regularly as a daily driver in your garage. Ease of use, portability and speed of operation are just some of the factors you'll be considering.

Unlike tyre changers and wheel balancers, wheel lifts are often forgotten about or the cheapest model on the market is purchased, but does not lead to operational efficiency. You spend more time annoyed at your rubbish wheel lift!

Take a look at our reliable range of competitively priced Premium Wheel Lifts today:


Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to order your electric wheel lifter now or for more info.

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5 Reasons you need an Electric Wheel Lifter!

Back problems are no joke! Neither is failure to take care of yourself or your fitters. Lifting tyres takes its toll on the body. So why do it when there is a simple, safe and affordable solution?

Not only can it reduce the risk of injury but it can also boost the productivity of your garage.

Many fitters often overlook this forgotten about piece of garage equipment. However, wheel lifters could be one of the greatest investments you make in 2019! We've customers that have repeat purchased after seeing the difference purchasing one has made.

Stop slowing your service down. Here are the five reasons you need an electric wheel lifter!

1. Wheel Lifting Safety

 An electric wheel lifter offers safety in a number of ways. Used effectively it reduces not only the risk of long term injury but also short term accidents. Wheels are securely locked into the tough grip arms. When working with wheels at height this means no risk of a falling tyre putting a fitter out of action. 

Ensure all removals and movements are safe with minimal risk to your team, workshop and wheels!

2. Ease of Use at any Speed

​What's incredible about this electric wheel lift is how feature rich it is, yet easy to use. The simple control panel offers quick access to lifting at one of three speeds. Using this simple bit of kit becomes second nature whilst eliminating a lifting job that no one need complete. What's more it takes up hardly any footprint in your garage (the reason many customers order one for each work bay). Increase the height you could lift a wheel manually with ease. Let a machine do the work!

3. Efficiency through Portability and Maneuverability

​Our electric wheel lifter is battery powered making it completely portable and easy to transport around your workshop. Moving and fitting tyres becomes effortless and fast. At a fundamental level this wheel lifter makes you more productive and thus more profitable!

4. This Quality Device will change how you work without breaking the bank

​We have not tried to reinvent the wheel. As with all products that wear the famous "H" logo, you receive the highest quality machine designed to last. This is a solution to issues many fitters just get on with and regret at some stage.

5. You can get a top spec Wheel Lifter at an incredible price!

​This is a device we believe should be in every garage and tyre fitting shop. As such we are offering our highly rated WC300 Portable Electric Wheel Lifter for ONLY £995 +VAT!

Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to order your electric wheel lifter now or for more info.

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