With our 4 Post Lifts, you can be assured of getting the very best Car Lift dedicated to specialist Wheel Alignment Lifts.

Wheel Alignment Lifts

As one of the UK's largest suppliers of specialist wheel alignment equipment, it is only fitting that we also offer one of the most comprehensive choices of alignment lifts in our industry

To enable us to compete with the wider market, we have our very own Hofmann Megaplan GeoLift 4200, based around the increasingly more common 'modular' concept, whereby the platform of a standard 4 post lift is built up to introduce front recesses and allow for rear slip plates. However, we are proud to be one of the few manufacturers continuing with the traditional method of producing a dedicated alignment platform, thus keeping the lowest position to a minimum and therefore ideal for lower vehicles and using shorter run-up ramps.

All Cascos lifts feature traditional Pneumatic Locks - the original and best system! Find out more here

All models are supplied with front recesses and rear slip plates

C432 - 3200kg Capacity and 4.1m Platform Length
C442 - 4000kg Capacity and 4.335m Platform Length
C445 - 4000kg Capacity and 4.8m Platform Length
C455 - 5000kg Capacity and 5.2m Platform Length
C472 - 7000kg Capacity and 6.24m Platform Length
GeoLift4200 - 4200kg Capacity and 4.8m Platform Length
GeoLift6400 - 6400kg Capacity and 5.2m Platform Length

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Wheel Alignment Lifts

Dedicated versions for use with all types of Wheel Alignment System

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Buying a lift can be a minefield! Single post, 2 post, 4 post, scissor, MOT / ATL, baseless, with base, for tyre work, especially for bodywork, it can become quite a specialist subject. Here at Hofmann Megaplan, we consider ourselves lift 'experts'. We have an incredible range, covering all budgets and applications. We also own several brands, including Atlas, Atlas Platinum, Hofmann Megaplan and Cascos. Whichever brand is right for you, one thing you can be assured of is honest advice and the same great support both before and after the sale. 

Proud to be the exclusive UK agent for Cascos Lifts

Hofmann Megaplan is the authorised distributor for Cascos Lifts - a name that has been trusted since 1965, and arguably the best quality lifts on the market. They're not cheap, but they are great value.

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