Full-Height (Wheel-Free) Scissor Lifts

IMI training centreThis type of scissor lift represents a fantastic alternative to the traditional 2 post lift for raising a car to a working height that allows full access under the vehicle. One of the benefits of a scissor lift is the fact that you save on footprint over a 2 post lift, particularly relevant in multiple bay situations where you can literally fit in more bays through using scissor lifts.

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Full-Height (Wheel-Free) Scissor Lifts

LUXUS DX35 Full-height scissor lift

Low profile, in-ground or surface-mounted installation

VSX3500-LP Scissor Lift

Low-profile scissor lift for surface mounting

Cascos 3000 Evo II Scissor Lift

Ultra Low-profile scissor lift for surface mounting

Cascos 3600 Scissor Lift

In-ground scissor lift for recessed installations

Let's talk about lifts!

Buying a lift can be a minefield! Single post, 2 post, 4 post, scissor, MOT / ATL, baseless, with base, for tyre work, especially for bodywork, it can become quite a specialist subject. Here at Hofmann Megaplan, we consider ourselves lift 'experts'. We have an incredible range, covering all budgets and applications. We also own several brands, including Atlas, Atlas Platinum, Hofmann Megaplan and Cascos. Whichever brand is right for you, one thing you can be assured of is honest advice and the same great support both before and after the sale. 

Proud to be the exclusive UK agent for Cascos Lifts

Hofmann Megaplan is the authorised distributor for Cascos Lifts - a name that has been trusted since 1965, and arguably the best quality lifts on the market. They're not cheap, but they are great value.

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