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Cascos Continues Innovation & Introduces New Elite Colours for 2019

New for 2019, Cascos have introduced a stunning new colour scheme in their ever popular range of vehicle lifts!

Here at Hofmann Megaplan we partner with Cascos Lifts to provide the ultimate ATL MOT range, and are proud to present the launch of the new graphite colour scheme for the 'Elite' brand line.

As always, Cascos continue to supply in the Platinum colour scheme or indeed any other corporate colour schemes upon request.

Continuing Innovation

​Cascos have recently carried out an audit of all their materials and component suppliers in order to ensure full traceability of their origin and quality. As a result, the company can have absolute faith in the product they supply and this has resulted in the ability to support a class-leading 5 year warranty.

James Boon, EVP of Garage Equipment commenting on Cascos Lifts:

"It's a well recognised fact that, although you may pay more for the Cascos brand vs. a cheap vehicle lift from the Far East, the Cascos will be by far the cheaper buy in the long term, simply because of the length of life and cost of ownership along the way."

"We still get calls to service Cascos lifts that are 30 years old, which is testament to the build quality and justifies completely the initial outlay."

As the Chinese garage equipment market grows increasingly stronger and popular, Cascos continue to develop high quality and durable products that are able to withstand the test of time. The focus is on customers who place quality and longevity as the most important assets, leading to long term cost savings and efficiencies.

Interested in our Cascos range?

​Learn more about our Cascos ATL Lifts on our website today. Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 891011 to speak to one of our dedicated team for more information.

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MOT Bays: Our Service

As you know by now, the Hofmann Megaplan's ATL MOT site has moved! However that doesn't change the impeccable service we aim to give all the companies we have supplied garage equipment to, and worked with to achieve the best possible result for their MOT Bays.

Our specialist division for handling automotive testing equipment within the workshop, works tirelessly to make sure your ATL MOT workshop operations run efficiently with minimal interruption. We ensure we have individuals with the correct knowledge and skills, working with you on these projects to guarantee maximum productivity and minimum time to delivery and installation of your MOT Testing Equipment.

What do we offer?

Having been a leading supplier of garage and MOT equipment since 1931, our product standards are of the highest quality and we wouldn't supply equipment with the famous 'H' logo on it, if we didn't feel it was up to scratch.

We can supply test equipment for:

Visit Hofmann Megaplan ATL MOT now for more information. 

Contact us online or call us today on 01480 891011 to book an appointment with our ATL/MOT specialists.

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MOT & ATL has moved!

Hofmann Megaplan's ATL MOT site has moved! You can now find all our MOT Bay and Automated Test Lane equipment on the main Hofmann Megaplan website.

ATL/MOT is our specialist division for handling automotive testing equipment within the workshop. The specialist team works tirelessly to make sure your workshop operations run efficiently with little interruptions right from the planning stage. We have individuals with expert knowledge and skills working on projects to guarantee the perfect bespoke bay for your garage.

Why have we moved MOT Bays & ATL?

For ease of use! Moving our ATL MOT products onto the main site helps you see the full range on offer when looking to spec your garage out for new equipment, from lifts to MOT Bays, Tyre Changers to AC recovery machines.

Can you still find the same products?

Absolutely! Nothing has changed in regards to our product range.

We still supply the same industry-leading equipment and services to make sure everything is working properly and runs smoothly. 

Our specialist engineers liaise with you during the planning, execution and post-installation phases of the project, to deliver reliable test lanes that generate consistent results, and dependable income.




What are you waiting for? Visit Hofmann Megaplan ATL MOT now!

Do you need more information or advice on what we can do to help your workshop? Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to book an appointment with our MOT Station specialists. 

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