Baseless Two Post Lifts

Also known as the 'Syncro', our range of baseless two post lifts are somewhat unknown to the automotive industry; however, Cascos Lifts have been innovating to change the shape of vehicle lifting over the past 50+ years, so it won't be long until the Syncro becomes just as popular in our Two Post Lifts range.

That's just one of the reasons why we are the exclusive provider of Cascos Vehicle Lifts across the UK!

The luxury features and product specification offered by the Two Post Lifts with Base, come as standard with the baseless model, offering the same lifting capabilities and reliable design.

Baseless Two Post Lifts

Cascos C3.2 Syncro Two Post Lift

Go 'Syncro' with the classic Two Post Car Lift without a base

Cascos C4 Syncro Two Post Lift

The best 2 Post Cascos Lift money can buy – now without the base

Cascos C4XL Syncro Two Post Lift

Triple stage arms for maximum scope for short and long applications

Cascos C5.5 Syncro Two Post Lift

Robust build for peace of mind for long term heavy-duty garage work

Hofmann Megaplan is the sole distributor of Cascos lifts in the UK

We have worked side by side with Cascos Lifts for many years, providing some of the best vehicle lifts available in the automotive sector. Trust us, we always have the right solution for your garage...

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