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The biggest Connected MOT Equipment issue & how to solve it!

 Connected MOT Equipment install completed throughout the 2020 covid-19 pandemic.

Over the duration of the lockdown months, the focus of the MOT sector has been set on the six-month extension announced by the DVSA - due to this, other areas of the MOT world (including MOT connected equipment) have taken a backseat.

Since the end of the lockdown, the DVSA’s “Beat the Rush” campaign has taken centre stage – often with mixed reviews.

The success of the rollout of Connected Roller Brake Testers back in October 2019 and Connected Decelerometers in February this year, is still unknown. However, a lot of garages have been experiencing some difficulties in working the connectivity, which has boiled down to a lack of knowledge by MOT equipment installers.

The biggest connected MOT issue...

All new roller brake testers and decelerometers installed into any garage must be connected to the MOT testing service.

It has been brought to the DVSA’s attention that issues with locating the “key” to connect equipment has been one of the biggest nuances for garage owners, after the install has been completed.

Official DVSA guidance for obtaining a key...

A DVSA spokesperson said: “When the engineer is on-site and ready to install your equipment you need to request a key and give it to them.

“The key will not work at another testing station and only works on one piece of equipment.”

To obtain a software code, users should sign into the MOT testing service and go to the ‘vehicle testing station’ page where they can ‘request a key’ under ‘change and connect equipment’.

Make sure you choose the MOT equipment experts

Ensuring you work with the experts is a must to getting it right first time.

Here at Hofmann Megaplan, our fully qualified engineers have been installing brand new MOT bays throughout the whole of lockdown. Many garage owners have seen the opportunity that has risen over the past couple of months and made sure their equipment is up to scratch to cope with any increase in demand.

Is it about time you did the same?

Check out our specialist MOT division online now or call our team on 01480 8-9-10-11.

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How can you get more out of your garage equipment? Ancillary Equipment that pays for itself

Investing in the best premium garage equipment is only the start for your business. To really get the most out of it & operate efficiently, some additional device are key.

Most garage owners believe that just the essential garage equipment (tyre changerwheel balancers, wheel aligner etc.) will be enough to grow their business & make them money. Investing in premium tyre fitting machines is a great start, but there are other obstacles to overcome. 

Add to this the additional work something like an alignment check can create & if you're not kitted out for the job you could see hours wasted. 

Ancillary garage equipment is the unsung hero of your garage. It is the devices that pay for themselves by increasing efficiencies, saving time & reducing risks. What's more, they can also directly increase revenue by enabling you to complete more work. 

Ancillary Equipment to Invest in Today

While a lot of the ancillary equipment on the market is optional & often a luxury, there are some solutions many deem essential. 

Vehicle Sanitisation

Unfortunately, we now live in a world where the biggest service your garage can offer starts before you even pick up a tool. Investing in a portable sanitisation unit like the O-Pro means you can promote your garage as a truly safe place for a customer to bring their vehicle. It is a competitive advantage that will make you first choice & help you remain open as you do your part to keep the people around you safe. 


Alignment Adjustment made safe & easy 


Don't be that garage having to send a customer up the road or keep their car all day because you can't sort an adjustment. Heating tools have developed a lot & devices like the Heatmate Induction Heater remove any excuse for you to complete essential work. Common workshop processes become a breeze including the unseizing of bolts, Track rod ends and ball joints. These jobs get quicker & safer, meaning you can offer them with confidence more often. You're saving time & making more money. It'll pay for itself in no time! 


Selling Alignment the right way

Treadreader Handheld on a tyre for wheel alignment check

Selling alignment shouldn't be a thing. We all know the benefits it gives to the customer. Ultimately it means you're saving them money & probably costing yourself business. What if there was a way to illustrate this in a way that the customer could understand? Show them potential savings, dangers & issues? Devices like the Handheld TreadReader are built to do exactly that. It is your best alignment salesman. It speaks to the customer through its simple report. What's more, it takes less than a minute to use. Deploy this tool in your garage & not only will it pay for itself, it'll ensure you never lose out on an alignment job again. 


These devices often have to be seen to truly appreciate just how much benefit they can bring to your business. Call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to arrange a demo. We're confident you'll want to invest then & there!

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Approvals & recommendations from some of the best automotive manufacturers on the planet!

BMW, Merc & Lamborghini approved banner

As a premium supplier of garage equipment in the UK and across Europe, we understand the complexities of developing incredible garage services equipment - and supplying the customer service to run alongside these amazing machines.

So, when we receive approval from some of the greatest automotive manufacturers in the world, it means everything to us and a whole lot more to you. You know you are getting the best!

You can take advantage of:

  • The highest technology available on the market
  • Slick design features
  • Completely automated processes
  • Reliable, intelligent safety features

Only the finest garage services equipment!

Boasting approvals & recommendations from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini, our range of OEM products are must-have for any premium garage services provider.

From tyre changing to revenue-boosting alignment services, our Hofmann Megaplan accredited machines are the pinnacle of garage equipment:

 X-Boss Premium Tyre ChangerBMW wheel aligner Merc approved aligner


The fully automated X-Boss Tyre Changer has achieved the latest accreditation from Lamborghini with the help of our genius ‘dead man’ technology.

This tech means the only function activated is always the next step required, and laser profiling of the rim puts minimum stress on the tyre as the fitting and removal tool is always set to exactly the right position and angle.

Find out more from the experts...

Are you searching for the greatest garage equipment with brand approval to suit your busy workshop? Our expert team are always on hand to discuss your garage’s requirements and find you your next tyre fitting companion.

To discover more of these incredible machines, call our specialists on 01480 8-9-10-11 or browse the range online now.

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The end of the MOT Exemption: Beat the rush as MOT demand set to double!

With twice as many MOTs predicted to take place in September, October and November, many garage owners are already wondering how to cope. Is your MOT Equipment ready?

The worst of the MOT exemption is now behind us as garages begin to return to normal. A sharp rise in MOT testing is of course expected as customers begin to book in for their mandatory annual vehicle checkup. But what is the new normal for MOT Equipment & testers?

A “Beat the Rush” toolkit has even been released by the DVSA to help customer and testers. Understand what is coming & highlights some important statistics.

DVSA Beat the Rush MOT Campaign

  • 40% of MOT customers prefer to choose a garage they have used before
  • 83% of your MOT customers will prefer to get any necessary repairs fixed by your garage
  • 52% of customers will come to you if they have questions about their MOT

These stats will quickly tell you the level of demand you can expect in the coming months.

The document also advises motorists get their MOT test done early and out of the busiest time period. It states that “By working together, we can manage the unprecedented demand for MOTs which will start to peak as more and more customers try to get their vehicles tested from September onwards”.

What can you do?

Now is the time to get smart and ensure your garage, team, customers and MOT Equipment are all prepared for this surge in demand. Have you thought about:

  • Contacting your existing customers whose MOTs will expire in September, October and November? Encourage them to book their MOT this summer.
  • Sharing the “Beat the Rush” campaign materials on your social media channels, using #MOT?
  • Putting the campaign banner from the link on your website and social?

During the pandemic, we’ve been busy preparing MOT bays for the challenges that lie ahead. We’ve had new installs, expansions & upgrades.

These are the business owners have recognised the inevitable demand increase for MOT services in the Autumn of this year and have been proactive in getting ready.

MOT Hofmann Megaplan Install Montage

Our ATL MOT division has everything you need to succeed this Autumn including our incredible calibration, servicing and installation services.

For more information on what we can offer your garage’s MOT services, call our specialists today on 01480 8-9-10-11.


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Roles for Experienced & Junior Garage Equipment Engineers in Peterborough!

We’re looking for someone based in the Peterborough (Ramsey Forty-Foot ) area.

luke lifts 2

Hofmann Megaplan is pleased to share several new opportunities to join our extremely well-organised and reputable business, as accredited by the Garage Equipment Association.

What we’re after:

We’re looking for both Experienced & Junior Installation Engineers to join our fast-growing team, as operations continue to ramp up at a fast pace following the expansion of our National Distribution Centre (NDC). 

This role will involve working closely with the team at our NDC to organise the collection of garage equipment, including our range of vehicle lifting equipment. From there you will be out on-site, working with customers to ensure slick installations. Some cross over into maintenance may be required.


You can view both the roles in full by using the below links. We look forward to receiving your application. 


 Alternatively, you can send your CV & covering note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We're hiring! Warehouse Distribution Assistant

Hofmann Megaplan NDC Collage

This role is an exciting opportunity for someone looking to kick start a career in warehouse management and dispatch, as part of a fast-paced distribution hub serving the whole of the UK.

The position will be based at our new National Distribution Centre (NDC) in Ramsey. Please note interviews and training will be at our head office in Kimbolton.

We are looking to fill this role following the further expansion of our operations at our newly developed NDC on the outskirts of Ramsey.

Full training will be provided at our head office in Kimbolton, so no previous experience is necessary, although it will benefit your application.

What matters most is that you are enthusiastic, have a common-sense approach to work, are polite with a good telephone manner and excited to be part of one of the largest business developments in the area.

A determination to learn and understand the full range of equipment the company provides is a must.

Must currently hold a full, clean driving licence and have access to a vehicle.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Handle dispatch of all parts from the NDC
  • Organise and maintain the store, including managing inbound stock and spares
  • Deal with external third-party services relating to delivery

Apply now through Facebook or by emailing your CV & a covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

APPLY ONLINE THROUGH FACEBOOK This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Full-time role | Ramsey Forty Foot, Huntingdon, PE26 2, United Kingdom

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Government Prepares to Update Position on MOT Extension

MOT Bay by Hofmann Megaplan

Official sources in the automotive aftermarket have today shared the news that a change to the government's position on the MOT Exemption is coming next week (1st June 2020), but so far that is all we know.

The Garage Equipment Association shared the news with its members today & advised that the UK's garages prepare, as a surge in MOTs is expect as a result of the announcement. 

No further detail has been released on what is going to be included within the announcement, but the government will be updating its position on the MOT extension scheme, which was introduced back in March.

The original announcement gave many qualifying vehicles an automatic 6-month extension on the need for an MOT Test.

Are you ready?

Hofmann Megaplan is on hand to help with any MOT Bay Installations, calibration requirements or as Garage Equipment suppliers

Don't risk missing an influx of business related to increasing demand on MOT Bays. 

We recommend that all garages complete a review of their readiness to serve customers ahead of any announcements that the government make on MOT testing next week. As always, Hofmann Megaplan is here to help. Call us today on 01480 8 9 10 11 with any queries.

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Latest COVID-19 Guidance for Garages from top Industry Bodies

Screenshot 2020 05 15 at 13.56.16As demand for MOT tests, service, maintenance and repairs start to grow, some of the automotive aftermarkets leading bodies have released a new guide detailing actions to keep your team & customers safe. 

The first edition of the “COVID-19 Protective Measures: Automotive Aftermarket Sector Industry Guidance and Best Practice” has been published online for garages, warehouses, mobile operations and parts distributors.

Whether you have remained open throughout the lockdown for key workers or are just looking to start your business back up, this is an essential read. 

The document covers every aspect of the operation, from clear communications with customers and colleagues to social distancing, sanitisation and hygiene. It even goes as far as the collection/delivery of vehicles from vulnerable owners.

The new guidance is designed to help businesses operate safely while minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission.


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An early end to the MOT Exemption? Are you ready?

Untitled design 1

The Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday night (10/05/2020) showed an indication of things to come. For many, it meant relaxation on certain national lockdown requirements that may have left their cars on the drive.

This new guidance is now encouraging many people to go back to work, where working from home is not possible.

The latest information obtained by the GEA suggests the DVSA would like to remove the Vehicle MOT extension program as soon as is practical to do so. this could mean a significant spike in the demand for MOT tests sooner rather than later. 

For the DVSA this means ensuring MOT sites are able to operate normally & that MOT equipment is calibrated.

This has also raised the questions of when the DVSA might revoke the concession allowing MOT stations to operate even if their inspection equipment has expired the calibration due date.

As an industry, this update prompts the need to be prepared for action as there are now many overdue MOT tests required in a very short window.

Are you ready to complete MOT Tests when these changes happen? Have you been thinking about installing an MOT Bay but been unsure on timing or cost? 

Talk to the experts at Hofmann Megaplan today on 01480 8-9-10-11. Our team are available to help answer these questions & provide you with information on what might be required to start testing in time for these changes.

Other areas to consider: 

Is your business ready to open? Are you operating safely for staff and customers? Some things to consider:

  • If you have furloughed staff, 
    • How are you going to bring them back to work, what notice period is required to your staff to come off furlough?
    • What provisions do your staff need to organise to be able to return to work such as childcare?
    • How to end furloughed staff in your payroll system/government claims process?
  • Ensuring a safe environment for employees and customers, have you completed/updated risk assessments for the following:
    • Office/admin staff 
    • Mechanics/ tyre fitters on the road
    • Staff collecting parts from distribution centres/stores
    • Driving/fuelling vehicles
  • Provide reassurance to employees and customers that appropriate steps have been taken to maintain a safe environment:
    • Publish your new and or updated risk assessments to all staff
    • Publish policies on safe systems of working (such as social distancing requirements)
    • Inform customers of required protocols for when a mechanic attends site, what the mechanic will and will not do i.e. not requiring signatures on paperwork etc.
    • Show effort in the form of signage, floor marking, barriers, etc. 
    • Call customers ahead of appointments to ensure all of the above is clear, advise on special requirements & stagger arrival time within the workshop to help with social distancing
  • Issue PPE as identified by your risk assessment and ensure your people know how to use it, when to use it and that it's used correctly.
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MOT Exemption but the current failure rate is 31 per cent

ETS Thrapston MOT Bay

At a time when independent garages across the UK are having to deal with the fallout of a government-sanctioned 6 month MOT extension, latest figures show that the current failure rate for MOT Test is 31%.

This figure was reported on a recent Garagewire article, which also highlighted some of the dangerous faults on vehicles eligible for six-month exemption. 

The MOT extension, which came into force on March 30, 2020, has meant many garages have been forced to shut and furlough staff due to lack of trade.

The 31% MOT Failure figure equates to nearly ten million vehicles. That is 10 million vehicles on the road at a time when travel is essential & emergency services are already stretched, which do not meet even the most basic level of roadworthiness compliance.

Garages Fight Back

Fortunately for some garages, the opportunity to prepare for increased MOT demand in the future and educate customers in the meantime has been identified. 

Investment in MOT bays has remained steady throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, with some areas reporting an increase in demand. 

Many garages have also been taking the time to invest in digital marketing. By building up a presence on social networks like FaceBook locally, garages are able to help educate vehicle owners. This is important, as the vehicles owners are expected to ensure their car remains roadworthy.

Have you got a question about investing in an MOT Bay or investing in your garage? Our team are available to answer your questions & help you plan for the new normal. Contact us on 01480 8-9-10-11 or request a call back here

View the full picture library of "Faults on cars eligible for MOT extension" from Garagewire here.

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Top 5 Investment Areas for Garages Right Now

The worlds a pretty unrecognisable place right now as lockdown continues in the UK, but many are using this time to plan their comeback.

A big part of this for many is an investment in the right equipment & training, ready for when business returns to a more normal flow. 

We've pulled together the top 5 areas we've seen increased demand in during lockdown. Some are seasonal while others relate directly to current affairs. All are smart investments!

1. O-Pro Portable Sanitisation Unit

HM o pro backgroundThe ability to give your customers and staff complete peace of mind that a vehicle is now a safe working environment are paramount. How businesses operate is set to change forever & demand for devices like the O-Pro are set to become the standard for garages looking to ensure health & safety is not just something considered in a crisis. Demand has already suggested these devices are non-negotiable for many so we'd suggest reserving your unit now.

Find out more about the O-Pro Portable Sanitisation Unit.

2. MOT Bay Installation

MOT will be in demand! A 6-month suspension means an influx of MOT tests will be required in the not too distant future. Now could be the time for your garage to investigate the work required to install an MOT Bay & be prepared for the exemption to end. 

Find out more about the MOT Exemption & what else it could mean for your garage on our recent blog post, MOT Exemption vs. Looking after Key Workers

3. AC Service Stations

Seasonal demand for AC Recovery systems is one of the few things that is guaranteed. That's why we've got an unbeatable offer to help with AC servicing & vehicle sanitisation. AC Service Stations from £1,545*. Check out our for sale page now. 

o pro banner 3

4. ADAS Calibrations & Diagnostics

ADAS Calibrations are an essential part of many jobs now & keep vehicles safe. The decision to invest in such technology shows a businesses dedication to offering the best service. 

Our recent case study on an install of Digital ADAS at Central Autopoint summaries perfectly the importance of this technology alongside other smart investments in garage equipment.

b2ap3 amp central autopoint adas 1

5. Premium Garage Equipment + Service

Reliable, strong & feature-rich garage equipment has never been more important, backed up by a service that can ensure your equipment remains up & running. 

Not only have Hofmann Megaplan got incredible offers on premium tyre fitting equipment right now, like the ex-loan Twister CP with centre post clamping from £40.65 a week or the megamount 813 XL from just £5,650 for ex-demo units, but we also offer unbeatable customer service! 

john stone comment

Get In Contact Now! 

We're on hand to help, no matter where you're looking to invest next. Call us on 01480 8-9-10-11 to speak to one of our experts. We're happy to offer advice & guidance relating specifically to your garage & operational situation.

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MOT Exemption vs. Looking after Key Workers

b2ap3 amp motbay2The automotive industry has been hitting the headlines recently as the government has granted vehicle owners a six-month exemption from MOT testing. 

This announcement was deemed necessary in order to allow people to carry on with essential travel amid the coronavirus lockdown.

But what does this mean for garages? 

The Official Announcement & Implications

Below is an official statement from the Department for Transport, originally released on the 25th March 2020. 

“All cars, vans, and motorcycles which usually would require an MOT test will be exempted from needing a test from March 30, 2020. Vehicles must be kept in a roadworthy condition, and garages will remain open for essential repair work. Drivers can be prosecuted if driving unsafe vehicles.”

The idea behind this is to ensure vital services continue, frontline workers can get to work, and people can access essential food and medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak, as stated on the gov.uk website.

We see several main takeaways from this:

  1. Garages are key workers & should where possible remain open. Many are adapting to the situation with new processes & policies to adhere to government guidelines whilst still offering a range of essential services to keep vehicles safe.
  2. MOT will be in demand! A 6-month suspension means an influx of MOT tests will be required in the not too distant future. Now could be the time for your garage to investigate the work required to install an MOT Bay & be prepared for the exemption to end. 
  3. The law governing the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm has not been suspended. Tyre fitting & all related services including balancing and alignment are still an essential service, now more than ever for our countries key workers.
  4. You can ensure your customers are aware of how to check their vehicle is safe to drive by sharing this gov.uk link on your social channels or with customer lists.

How is Hofmann Megaplan able to help? 

We are able to help your business in a number of ways, in particular with relation to MOT Bays. 

Kendal/Cumbria Ambulance/ Fire Service Depots installsOur team are ready to take your calls & offer a no-obligation free quotation to help you understand what would be involved in getting your garage MOT ready. 

We offer a complete turn-key service, ensuring everything from the initial planning & design through to your first MOT goes smoothly. There has never been a better time to have this conversation. 

We're also on hand to offer essential equipment installation & servicing. We've been completing work across the UK to help keep key workers going including for Kendal/Cumbria Ambulance/ Fire Service Depots

Contact us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to discuss how we can be of service. Now more than ever it is essential that we work together to ensure people are safe on the roads!

N.B. Information on this post was correct at the time of writing on 03/04/2020. Please continue to check the gov.uk website for latest guidelines & advice.

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Hofmann Megaplan Appointed Distributor For Atlas Garage Equipment

Premium garage equipment supplier, Hofmann Megaplan are now able to offer the American brand, Atlas Automotive throughout the UK, in a move to re-align distribution whilst maintaining outstanding service.

The well-established and highly regarded Atlas line, which the company stresses is focused on providing excellent value without being ‘cheap’, will replace the traditional ‘Eco’ economy range, which traditionally formed part of the Hofmann Megaplan portfolio.

Atlas Wheel Balancer Range

Shop the full Atlas Wheel Balancer range now

Hofmann Megaplan’s Managing Director, Mark Berryman, has said of the announcement “We are really pleased to add this range into our product line-up. There was a lot of overlap between Atlas and our existing ‘eco’ line. This is a move which means we get the global brand-recognition, whilst maintaining the continuity of product that has been very successful in its own right. Ultimately, it is the customer who will reap the reward!

The Atlas range of equipment can be found online in the same space the eco range once lived, inheriting the Eco Wheel Balancers & Eco Tyre Changers categories. 

Atlas Tyre Changer Range

Shop the full Atlas Tyre Changer range now


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Case Study: Central Autopoint

We're overwhelmed with the care key workers in garages across the UK are taking to ensure others remain safe & able to travel in the isolation of their own vehicles. 

We were recently able to complete the install of a brand new Digital ADAS system, along with handheld TreadReader for Central Autopoint. 

ADAS Calibrations are an essential part of many jobs now & keep vehicles safe. The decision to invest in such technology shows a businesses dedication to offering the best service. 

The handheld TreadReader allows technicians to check the health of your wheels without you having to leave your vehicle. You don't even need to pull into the garage & a clear report can be shown to your through a window & actions decided. 

Our training on installs is currently restricted to one member of your team at a time, respecting social distancing rules & wearing appropriate PPE. 

While this means installs can take slightly longer, the key workers we've been helping are not only understanding but thankful they are able to access equipment vital to keeping their customers safe & on the roads at this time. 

Call us today to discuss your equipment requirements on 01480 8 9 10 11. Where it is essential to the running of your business in serving key workers, we'll always be on hand to help!


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COVID-19: Key workers & us

Your business can remain open & we at Hofmann Megaplan are open to help you!

47c7a7a2 efac 4f7a 84b7 2f044f3b9215The latest government advice for automotive garages means you can continue to serve other key workers.

As garages are set to stay open & serving those key workers on the road, Hofmann Megaplan is proud to continue offering our support with the supply of equipment & key customer service.

We will do so inline with guidance from the Government, ensuring our team is largely based at home without disruption to customer service. We've also taken extra provisions to ensure safe distancing is strictly observed during any necessary installation or servicing work.

If there is anything we can do to help you and your business, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01480 8-9-10-11.

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What is the return on investment from ADAS Equipment and Calibrations?

Axiom Accident Repair ADAS Install

It's not exactly news to many that ADAS Diagnostics was a hot topic throughout 2019 – and so far, our prediction of little let-up moving into 2020, has been spot on!

But for many looking to invest in this state-of-the-art equipment, ADAS diagnostics has become the biggest technological headache of the year so far.

ADAS like most new technology when it is first introduced is an unknown. It is highly anticipated and can be viewed as another unnecessary expense. But with these sensors now commonplace on consumer vehicles, you risk falling behind the curve if not investing & missing out on revenue.

Revenue in ADAS Diagnostics?

ADAS has been around for a while, but the need to calibrate these systems has become far more pressing with demand now commonplace and many capitalising on this.

An anonymous equation

The great thing about ADAS is the data you get back. At a top-level for every install, for example, you can see just how many calibrations are being completed.

We have one customer who started offering ADAS calibrations using their system in July 2019. With the service still rare, they had people travelling hundreds of miles from big body shops as it was the only way they could calibrate.

To date (March 2020) they have completed over 162 calibrations at £225 a service.

That’s £36,450 in ADAS calibrations alone, meaning the system has more than paid for itself!

While this is an extremely simplified version of the potential ROI, the figures are all true & demonstrate with the help and support of Hofmann Megaplan just how quickly this new service could help your business grow.

Why wait to offer ADAS Diagnostics?

Many garage owners may feel with so many changes going on around vehicle safety, that any new equipment will be out of date within a few months. ADAS equipment has been expertly designed to continuously calibrate vehicles.

Digital system takes this as far as daily updates to board FOC over the air, so their ready to go when you are.

The biggest issue seen in the industry to date is a lack of knowledge and understanding from technicians on how to deliver accurate & reliable ADAS testing. As a result, training is paramount.

ADAS at its finest...

Our training & support speaks for itself. We support some of the UK’s biggest body shops & most successful/ highly rated garages. As a result, these businesses are thriving & renowned for offering ADAS. Why not let us support you too?

Recent ADAS InstallADAS hm screen photoshootSlick Digital ADAS Install

Our aim is to continue to educate and provide excellent service around ADAS equipment, for you to perform accurate calibrations. Affordable purchasing options combined with planned ROI make this a logical purchase, not a risk.

Get in touch!

The need for ADAS calibration systems is increasing monthly, with new vehicles being introduced into the UK market.

There isn’t a better time to contact our knowledgeable team online now or call us on 01480 8-9-10-11 to discuss our ADAS solutions in more detail.


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Case Study: Harvey's Autotech of Westbury [ADAS]

Harveys Autotech of Westbury

Hofmann Megaplan is keen to help any business looking to maximise the potential of their business by investing in great equipment. Even more so, those that embrace the latest technology with open arms.

Harvey’s Autotech of Westbury is a prime example of a business looking to stay ahead of the curve!

Our aim is to ensure businesses like Harvey’s face minimal stress when upgrading to the best in premium tyre fitting equipment & ADAS calibration solutions. Our expert garage equipment installation team take a big job like this & make it seamless.

They also go the extra mile, ensuring you’re ready to start making a return on your investment from the word go with training & support to suit you.

One Garage Equipment Supplier for a seamless service

Harvey's Autotech ADAS SetupHofmann Megaplan offers customers like Harvey’s a unique advantage as they can get a complete range of garage equipment designed to complement & integrate, all under one roof.

What’s more, the install is completed with the workflow of your garage & all the services you wish to offer in mind. This means operational efficiencies & a better-looking garage.

A full line up of Hofmann Megaplan garage equipment was recently installed at Harvey’s Autotech in February, including a state of the art Digital ADAS system.

Harvey’s is one of the many garages choosing to invest in the most advanced version of ADAS Calibration Sytems in 2020, the digital ADAS solution.

This digital ADAS system sits alongside a megamount 513 tyre changer, megaspin 220 wheel balancer and megaline Ssence 3D wheel aligner paired with megalift.

This really is a garage to rival our own showroom!

A supplier you can trust.

Ready to find out what all the ADAS fuss is about? Looking to explore how investment in premium equipment means bigger returns?

Call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to have a discussion that could change the future of your business & arrange a courtesy visit from one of our team.


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Hofmann Megaplan Wheel Alignment Information from Autodata


Autodata Logo PoweredBy Grey


Hofmann Megaplan utilise information from industry leader Autodata

With technical information for 142 manufacturers covering 34,000 models, Autodata gives users of compatible Hofmann Megaplan aligners all the detailed information needed to carry out alignment checks, calibrations & related servicing. 

Autodata is the industry leader in automotive technical information. Their new Web Application covers 34,000 models, giving its customers all the technical information needed to carry out service, maintenance and repairs.

megaline Ssence HD 3D aligner

Ssence HD 3D wheel aligner installed at D and R Tyres, powered by Autodata

Suto sets out to be the most innovative, accurate and respected supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket.

The Ssence 600 3D/HD wheel aligner is the flagship model in the Hofmann Megaplan range & so it only makes sense one of the best supplies of data globally is used to power this incredible machine. Much like Autodata, this is the technology we use today combined with the best delivery for efficient alignment operations in your garage.

Hofmann Megaplan is proud to work with Autodata in its provision of the most comprehensive industry product and its data.


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What is the best ADAS calibration system? A world of digital & analogue.

ADAS Calibration Equipment is still a relatively new phenomenon. Investment in it is a big decision that can for many, be one massive headache.

Speaking to someone who understands ADAS services & the full scope of systems on offer can be essential; especially when it comes to such a large investment which will enable you to complete the ADAS calibrations your customers now require.

You’ve probably been thinking something like “Ok, ADAS is a thing. Do any of my customer even need these calibrations? Oh, I should be completing it after a variety of jobs? It can be an extra source of income? My competitors are offering it now & pinching customers promoting it? There are digital & analogue systems? It costs what? Can I afford not to have it? What system do I need?”

Sounds familiar?

Is there a best ADAS Calibration System?

In short, no.

ADAS is one of the biggest technological advancement in automotive services in the last decade. That means you need a machine that of keeping up with changes to come as cars continue to develop.

For many garage owners, the hefty investment in ADAS calibration equipment can be tough to justify. There are two main systems though catering to different technology levels.

The ADAS Analogue system utilises a more traditional set up of printed boards & a simple manual measurement system, helping to keep initial outlay lower whilst enabling you the ability to complete ADAS calibrations. It is more labour intensive to set up though & new boards need to be purchased to keep it up to date.

Alternatively, a larger investment is needed in the digital solution, which uses a 65” monitor to display boards intelligently to suit the position of the car in front of it. Add to this laser measurement & this system is operable by a single technician saving labour & receives updates over the air for new updates.

As with any piece of garage equipment, knowing which system is best for your garage can only be determined by speaking to the experts! We’d advise booking a visit to the Hofmann Megaplan Centre of Excellence to try both systems out for yourself before making an investment.


What are you waiting for?

Call our team today on 01480 8-9-10-11 and get the wheels in motion for the purchase of your first ADAS calibration system. Digital or analogue, that should be your only question!

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Case Study: Durrant Garage Services

Here at Hofmann Megaplan, we are always quick to show off the incredible garage equipment installation work our experts carry out – especially those that could potentially rival our own showroom!

Over the past six months, Durrant Garage Services in Huntingdon have undergone a complete tyre fitting & vehicle lifting transformation, taking their garage services to a whole new level. With the installation of their latest piece of equipment finally completed, we can show you exactly what we have been up to.

Special thanks to Glynn England of Motor Parts Direct, who this installation was completed in conjunction with! 

Professional Equipment to take your garage Premium

We've installed 2 megalift 4500XL overhead gantry lifts, a megamount 613 Racing tyre changer with QuadraClamp turntable & a megaspin 420 wheel balancer with One Weight Balance operation.

This line up was completed last week with a Cascos 5T C455 lift, renowned for robust and efficient lifting.

Durrant Garage Services

The workshop is looking great and is a testament to both businesses!

Need equipment to take you to the next level?

Check out our range of Wheel Balancers, Tyre Changers & Vehicle Lifts online today.

Contact us now or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to discuss how we can help!

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